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... to this little portal of music, sound and magic!

My name is Cale Alit and I invite you to discover the magic

of conscious music, presence and awareness.

healing sound | conscious music | yoga


This mysteriously deep sound journey is a fusion of acoustic sound healing and electronic effects and tools. Recorded live in Casa Om, Mazunte, Mexico in April 2023, as Cale and Felix were offering the "SOUNDBATH 2.0" for the first time to public audience.

Namasté, my friend!

I am Cale - musician, sound healing practicioner, yoga teacher, ephemeral expression of the one consciousness.

With the sound healing journey and the conscious music gatherings I combine my passion for music with the deep wish to help people become aware and be present.

I am happy to support you on the next step of your healing journey.

Are you ready?

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