Welcome, you miraculous soul.

a modern nomad

by the name of Cale Alit
born in Germany, wandered off being a child of the earth
living the ultimate freedom
inspiring people around the globe
spreading love and consciousness
with an open mind and a warm heart

yoga meditation philosophy

to pass on the beautiful path towards a more conscious life, i offer:

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes:

  • guided full primary series and variations
  • mysore classes
  • individual sessions and in-depth classes
  • workshops & discourses

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expressing through music

sharing my passion and touching hearts with music.

  • concerts and sound meditations
    with the 72-stringed
    persian santur
  • sound healing journeys
    with didgeridoo, santur, guitar and much more
  • singing circles
    (mantras & medicine songs)

Listen & dream ~

vanlife ebook

the ultimate vanlife guide

  • everything you need to know for the life on the road
  • based on +4 years of first-hand experience
  • clear structure, optimised for smartphones & ebook readers
  • supported by donations only
  • for now only in Germany, English will follow

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