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SOUNDBATH 2.0 - Live in Mazunte, Mexico

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This mysteriously deep sound journey is a fusion of acoustic sound healing and electronic effects and tools. Recorded live in Casa Om, Mazunte, Mexico in April 2023, as Cale and Felix were offering the "SOUNDBATH 2.0" for the first time to public audience.

This set is designed to help you find back to your self, back to your heart, cleanse and release, open up and expand. During the session you are most likely going to experience a lot of movement in the chest area. At the end of the journey you will feel touched, connected to life and to yourself, rejuvenated, inspired, alive yet at peace and fulfilled.

What you receive

With this download you are going to get a full 50-minute sound journey segmented in 7 different chapters, including two "tracks" with the Persian santur, one with the didgeridoo and several ones with voices and effects, keyboards and samples.


  1. "Invision" (keyboard, voice - 7min)
  2. "Space" (keyboard - 6min)
  3. "Cleansing" (didgeridoo, voice, shakers, keys - 9min)
  4. "Expansion" (santur, keys - 7min)
  5. "Falling" (keys, voice - 8min)
  6. "Travels" (santur, keys - 6min)
  7. "Open The Gate" (keys - 9min)

How to use

We recommend you to approach use this session intentionally and consciously and approach it rather a meditation session or yoga class than a "concert". Of course, you can also listen to the songs during your spiritual practises or also any other occasion when you feel like bathing in sound.

To receive the full benefits of this healing session, we recommend you to:

  • set an intention before you start listening to the journey
  • take your time to listen to the whole session at once
  • use good headphones

We designed and played this session for a full moon night, hence the days around full moon would definitely be most ideal to receive the blessings of this session. Obviously, any other time of the moon cycle will still be very suitable.

Tip: Create a nice space for yourself to dive deep into this journey. Light a candle, smudge yourself, get a cozy blanket... And turn off distractions like the notifications on the phone.


...for your interest, openness and support of our work <3

Big gratitude to Felix TheloneliestMonk as a musician, friend and sound technician, for La Aldea del Ninja Sonido for studio equipment, Casa Om for hosting us, everyone who was there with us and to you!

You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (16MB)
  • MP3 (10MB)
  • MP3 (17MB)
  • MP3 (12MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (13MB)
  • MP3 (13MB)