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Here you can find a selection of videos featuring me and my music.

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Sound Healing Journey - "Aethernas"

Mazunte, Mexico, March 2022.

Running weekly sound journeys with up to 50 in the yoga shala here in this little "pueblo magico", I encountered these incredible musicians: Eve-Marie Roy, Finn Juhl and Raphaela Schillinger - soon to be founding the sound healing project 'aethernas', as the soundscapes are revealing the ethers.

Here is a short sound journey sequence crafted in the moment, with the Persian santur, Turkish kanun, violin and voice.

Live Sound Journey (Ancient Trance 2023)

Leipzig, Germany, August 2023.

What a blissful journey - for the fourth time in a row at the amazing Ancient Trance Festival, this time I was playing again with friends ('Cosmic Nomads') with an incredible setup of special instruments. Special Thanks to Raphaela for setting up the video. :)

Medcine song: 'Tonguere' (Yawanawa)

Goa, India, January 2023.

Here I am, living on the rocks in nature like a baba, rediscovering one of the most powerful songs I have ever encountered: An icaro, a magical song from the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil, sung at ayahuasca ceremonies and other special occasions.

'Tonguere, meaning 'hummingbird' in the language of the Yawanawa.

In this video, with my dear friend Kara frm Switzerland.

Live at Ancient Trance 2019

Leipzig, Germany, August 2019.

Kind of nervous, but pretty good at playing it cool: One of my first bigger concerts, on the wonderful Ancient Trance Festival in Taucha, Germany, and then I even happen to be a big part of the official aftermovie.

Since then, I have had the honour to play at the Ancient Trance every year - see you next time!

Santur improvisation in Goa

Goa, India, February 2023.

7 o'clock in the morning, the sun just rose. Still wearing the face paint of last night's full moon ceremony ('Unite in Goa'), my friend Shali from Israel and I decided to extend the night a little longer and carry the jam to the beach.

This is just a little snippet of that magical night and morning. Thank you, Goa!

'Ganga Spirit' at the holy waters...

Rishikesh, India, December 2022.

After the intense yoga practise in the morning, I meet my friends at the beach of the holy river Ganges at the footsteps of the Himalaya. We enjoy the sun, share fresh fruit and sing prayers. With their beautiful dances, my friends Agosto and Sophie inspire me to some soft Santur melodies.

Live: Sound Journey in Casa Om

Mazunte, Mexico, February 2022.

One of the very, very few video recordings of the sound journeys we gave in Casa Om in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Again, with the amazing crew of Aethernas - with Eve-Marie Roy, Finn Juhl and Raphaela Schillinger.

I feel this little compilation can give a good idea of these spacy, trippy magic music carpet rides...

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