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sound journeys • medicine music • singing circles • yoga

Transformative Sound Journeys

Close your eyes, dive into the frequencies of healing music, let your emotions be moved, your intuition be heard, your energies be aligned and your heart be touched.

A fusion of sound therapy, conscious concert and healing ceremony, I use both sound healing tools like singing bowls and didgeridoo and music instruments as the Persian santur, kalimba or harmonium to create a safe, inspiring and healing container of sound.

Let the sound take you on a journey - a journey of presence, reflection and transformation.

Oppose to a "classical sound healing", I do not only work with purely "sattvic" soft and peaceful sound, but also with trigger points and shamanic elements to allow strong emotions and energies to emerge.

A full sound journey session of 90 - 120 minutes takes you into different places of emotion and imagination.

At the end of the session, you will mostly feel at peace, released, grateful, calm and soft.

Live Sound Journey (Ancient Trance 2023)

the healing effects

The method is proven to be very effective by several years of work and countless group sessions and individual treatments, and can help to:

  • feel connected to life and become present
  • release stuck emotions and let go past experience
  • develop gratitude and overcome depressive moods
  • find inspiration and creative impulses
  • alleviate pain, both physical and emotional
  • find deep rest and improve sleep
  • invite magic into your life
  • deepen awareness and sink into meditation

More offerings

Singing Circles

Fun yet sincere, the "Intergalactic Singing Circle" is an innovative approach of singing, playing, praying and exploring together.

With mantras, chants and medicine songs, free voicing and experimental singing, this circle experience is like no other, allowing everyone to express in a free, fun and conscious way.

Can be combined well with cacao or tea ritual, and can take from one hour to the whole night...

Music Workshops

Learn more about conscious music, how to heal yourself and others with sound and make the next step on your musical journey.

Deepen your awareness of music by understanding the metaphysical, philosophical and energetic aspects of sound, find your individual access to music, unleash your passion and sharpen your sensitivity with subtle yet powerful practises.

Workshops, intensive courses & private lessons - suitable for all instruments and levels.

Online classes possible.

Ashtanga Yoga

With years of teaching and hundreds of students in several countries across the world, I am experienced to transmit the method of Ashtanga Yoga in a clear, dedicated and contemporary way.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga being a holistic yoga style that combines strong asanas and vinyasas with pranayama and meditative awareness, hence bringing together all eight limbs of Yoga ('ashta anga').

I offer group and individual led classes of half and full primary series, workshops, mysore classes and intensive courses (up to 20hrs.)


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