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cale alit ashtanga yoga teacher performing handstand


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a holistic yoga style that combines strong postures (asanas) with dynamic transitions (vinyasa), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditative awareness (pratyahara and dharana).

There are predefined sequences of asana practise which are repeated over and over again, thus allowing to look into smallest details of the practise, both physically and energetically.


  • led classes half & full primary series Ashtanga Yoga (90 or 120 min)
  • led class, contemporary Ashtanga Yoga, adopted to all levels (60 - 120 min)
  • Mysore style, Ashtanga Yoga (120 min)
  • understanding the Ashtanga practise and the primary series (ca. 4 hrs)
  • workshops on specific aspects of the practise, e.g. bandha, drishti, vinyasas, backbending etc.
  • individual intensive courses (up to 20 hrs)

Power/Vinyasa Yoga

Besides Ashtanga, I also offer classes in Power/Vinyasa Yoga - a modern style that derived from Ashtanga Yoga.

Unlike in Ashtanga Yoga, there are no fixed sequences and thus allows for more creative, changing practise.

Whereas "Power Yoga" is often being taught in a merely physical manner, I emphasise in the spiritual, energetic and meditative aspects of the yoga practise also in this style.

Yoga is

... a way of living, a way of thinking, a way of feeling, a sense of humbleness and devotion.

It's the soothingly sweet taste of stillness.

About me

When I first encountered Yoga in university in 2013, I was fortunate enough to be taught in a holistic way be an experienced teacher. My connection to the practise was strong from the beginning. Since then I have been practising and studying intensely. I started offering classes to public in 2020, and have been teaching in schools in Europe, Central America and India.

Thanks to my profound experience in the practise and my curiosity for consciousness exploration, I have found my unique way in passing on the amazing methods of yoga incorporating creative awareness techniques. I offer public, group and private lessons in English and German.

For me, Yoga is much more than physical practise, yet the asanas are a fundamental aspect towards the more subtle aspects of the yogic path. Thanks to yoga, I have become more peaceful, compassionate, loving, aware, healthy and free.

Om Namah Shivaya!

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