Yoga & Meditation

As my own dedicated journey has strongly influenced my approach to teaching, I emphasise the spiritual practise just as much as the physical practise. In my classes you will not only be working with your body, but also nurturing your as you go deep inside.

Loving both the physically demanding aspects of an instense dynamic Asana practise and the blessed effects of consciousness-expanding meditations, my classes follow a holistic approach to Yoga with strong influences of traditional teachings brought to modern life.

Veganes Tapas-Restaurant in Granada: El Piano

Ashtanga Yoga

After more than two years of intense Ashtanga Vinyasa practise, this powerful dynamic yoga style has become a fundamental part of my life. Putting all eight limbs (the meaning of “ashta anga”) into practise, this does not stop once I leave the mat after the daily asana practise. Yoga truely has become my lifestyle.

As a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher, I focus on teaching this traditional yoga style in a comprehensive manner putting all eight limbs into practise. I offer both led classes of the full primary series or variations of it and classes in Mysore style, as well as pranayama and meditation sessions.

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

Furthermore I also offer Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes which are suitable for all levels of experience and can be adopted individually.

Providing safe guidance and profound knowledge about the practise. With hands-on adjustments I help the student to find a deeper access to the asanas, the body postures of Yogic practise.

All classes are available in English and German.

Veganes Tapas-Restaurant in Granada: El Piano

Workshops & discourses

In addition to Yoga classes I offer workshops on specific purposes and themes. Following is a selection of possible workshops:

  • Welcoming Ashtanga Vinyasa - introduction to the primary series
  • Play with gravity - arm balance poses for beginners and intermediate
  • Open yourself - backbends and emotions
  • Learn to fly - fluent transitions between asanas
  • The breath is the practise - breathing in asana
  • and more…

Moreover, I am more than happy to give discourses and shared discussions on different topics:

  • philosophy, including but not limited to Yogic philosophy
  • The eight limbs - how to put Ashtanga in to practise
  • the life as travelling yogi

Led Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Every Yoga class ends with Savasana, the end relaxation where the whole body comes to rest after the physical practise. With my deep pleasant voice I guide you into deep relaxation helping you to find a quiet mind and a restorative set-up for your body.

Further I offer extended meditation sessions of up to one hour, both for general healing and specific purposes like anxiety or physical pain. I guide Yoga Nidra, the term meaning ‘yogic sleep’ and describing a meditative state of consciousness between being awake and falling asleep. In this practise you will be able to find deep relaxation and restore both physical and emotional energy resources.


All classes, workshops, meditations and talks are exclusively on a donation basis. You give as much as you can and want. In this way nobody is excluded due to financial reasons. Healing and the art of consciousness shall be accessible to everyone.

Healing sound

I love to combine my two passions of Yoga and music with one another, providing unique sound bath meditation, collective bhajan singing and more. For more information, have a look at my music page.