I picked up the guitar for the first time as a kid. Starting mainly with classical music in finger-picking style, I was about to go through many different musical stages - from covering pop songs to German rap to ambient acoustic improvisations. All of these are still part of my current musical expression, however, real depth has come since I have found spiritual access to music.

Musician Cale Alit


Yoga and the increased consciousness that comes with it have changed my way of living in all aspects, including making music. Being present allows to dive deeper into the moment, open oneself towards the sound in all of its richness, perceiving the miracle in it, the wonder, the divine. This journey has led me to a spiritual approach towards music, expressing my soul, singing devotional songs - not as a way of making music, but as a form of meditating, honoring life itself.

the persian santur

Sound healing journey with the Persian Santur

The moment the santur came into my life was a turning-point for me. Its mystical, enchanting, sweet sound touched my soul as no other instrument ever had before. Straight away I knew this was the instrument I had always been looking for without knowing it.

like no other.

With its Persian origin, the unique sound and the 72 strings the santur is a special instrument without doubt. It belongs to the category of the hammered dulcimers which are being used throughout the world, with quite some variations. In most countries these string instruments have become rare, however, in India and Iran they are still quite common.

expressing the moment.

Instead of studying the musical theory behind the Santur, I open myself fully towards the instrument and its sound and allow the spirit to flow freely. In this way everytime I play is unique. Every concert and every healing sound meditation is a musical expression of the exceptional present moment we share together.

into different worlds.

Close your eyes, open your heart, and listen. When the santur and I flow together, it is time for a journey. A journey through time and space, a journey within. Allow yourself to be carried by the vibration of the sacred sound, stimulating every cell in your body. Allow yourself to be sent into different worlds.. Allow yourself to be.

what i offer

  • concerts (usually 1 hour)
  • guided sound meditations (30 - 60 minutes)
  • accompanying your yoga class or (breatkwork) workshop
  • public performances and visiting you at home

sound healing project

During the past years, I have hosted dozens of sound healing journeys that blend concert music with sound bath elements into a ceremonial setting. For these sessions, I work together with several other talented musicians and healers from around the world - as here with my crew from Mexico ‘Aethernas’:

Let’s get in touch for details.