about me

I am happy to welcome you to my website. Before I get more into detail about me and my personal life, I want to emphasise: This journey is about YOU. At best, I will be able to inspire you, guide you along your process or deepen your personal practise. However, in the end YOU are writing YOUR OWN LIFESTORY - at this very moment. Never underestimate your potential. You are infinite!

Who am I

There is barely any question that is so hard to answer as “Who am I?”. I wonder: How would you, who has found his way to my website, want me to introduce myself?

my persona

As the ephemeral form I have taken for this lifetime I carry the name Cale Alit. I grew up in a small village in Germany which I left right after school thriving to explore the world. Realising myself as a child of the earth, I never settled again. Instead I changed my backback for a van a few years later and became a modern nomad.
The vanlife brought not only freedom and adventure, but also the possibility to spend my time on my passions: playing music, practising and teaching yoga, cooking, writing and being in nature. Working as a freelance author and lecturer, my love for languages is also an essential part of my professional life. I speak German, English and Spanish.

If I could.

Maybe, however, you would like to get straight to the source and get to know the Self beyond the body and the mind. If I could, I would skip the words and let our souls touch immediately - but this will have to wait until we meet in real-life.

My Yogic journey

Veganes Tapas-Restaurant in Granada: El Piano

Beyond the physical.

When I started doing Yoga more than five years ago, it was the physical exercise that attracted me first. It didn’t take long, however, to realise that Yoga was so much more than that. After the class I felt every cell in body vibrating, I was physically exhausted yet energetically charged as I never felt before. I sensed the infinite potential of the practise that goes beyond the physical.

An eternal soul.

As I commited more and more to Yoga, I observed vast changes happening in my life. Not only my body became stronger and more flexible, so did I - as a person, a living being, a loving being. The practise brought peace, harmony and consciousness into my life. It made me realise that I was not an individual being separate from the external world, but an eternal soul deeply connected to everyone and everything.

Why I teach.

Benefiting from the Yoga practise in such a profound way, I felt the deep urge to share this wonderful experience with others. I sensed the potential not only for the individual but for mankind, by helping people to find back to their true selves and become their highest versions. To this day my motivation has not changed: inspiring minds, opening hearts, expanding consciousness - this is why I teach.

i am looking forward to hearing from you!